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What we do with your company. Before someone else does.

Nobody knows what the future holds. Where conventional management consultancies fail with their encrusted, linear structures, models and experiences, our exponential work only begins: 

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This makes us the leading consultancy for disruptive change in the German-speaking world.


To find new ways & solutions, you have to leave the old ones radically. We successfully accompany companies as they move into this new world.

Behind disruptive - beyond your strategy & brand are a lot of minds and experience from Change, Strategy, System Thinking, Digitization, Start Up Thinking & Repositioning between Vienna, San Francisco and Tel Aviv.

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The fine difference between 10% and 10times.

In Silicon Valley, a good idea is only really good when it's really big. Americans call it Moonshot thinking. They mean ideas that are at least 10 times larger than in conventional companies. "HOW DOES YOUR BUSINESS IDEA LOOK 10 TIMES BIGGER WITH 10 TIMES THE BUDGET?" is the first question an investor asks there.

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Industries we work with on this issue and companies that are brave enough to take this leap with us include:

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Are you still trading linearly or are you already growing exponentially?

To find new ways & solutions, you have to leave the old ones radically. And at the same time throw a large part of the popular patterns of thought, action and success overboard.

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That's not easy. Not to mention simple. Because you could rely on the linear updating and optimization of proven patterns in your business success for years.

This supposed security obscures the view of that great new world that radically and mercilessly shatters the way we think of the economy with a lot of optimism.

Exponential growth. Startup thinking. Digitization or the merciless exploitation of so-called "pain points" (or simply weak points) in one's own business model are invigorating terms of this new world.

disruptive - beyond your strategy & brand accompanies companies as they move into this new world with a completely new strategic approach that transfers the thinking and actions of startups into the world of the old economy in order to find new ways and solutions.

We do it just as radically uncomfortable and optimistic as your future competitors will do with you.

With one single difference: we are on your side of the competition.

The disruptive solution is already in your company, but usually hidden behind a blind spot. This is how we set them free:

With an audit specially developed by disruptive we find the meaning and success pattern of your company - in short your purpose. And transfer it into an exponential world.

Armed in this way, we fundamentally attack the proven business model of your industry and develop completely new approaches.

From the inside, we implement a new culture step by step and change the way you think, act and do business.


A little revelation in between: We are unreasonable

AND WE WORK HARD TO KEEP IT THAT WAY. Here we are with George Bernard Shaw, who said: “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”

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Markus Petzl

Founder & Managing Partner


Why is that actually so? With this most fundamental form of disruptive resistance, he challenged his professors at a young age. Later on, his clients in business and brand consulting learned to appreciate the bad nature of the past. And he just made it his business model. Today, he is considered one of the experts on "disruptive strategy" and "corporate disruption". He is also a passionate entrepreneur and a restless fifth of a start-up that will turn the European electricity market upside down. In summary, he lives, thinks and dances quite happily between Vienna, Tel Aviv and San Francisco.

Florian Greimel

Senior Disruptive Strategist

One thing first: No one beatboxes as good as Florian. One would also not necessarily expect him to encourage customers in our workshops to free themselves from the narrowness of their corporate thinking or to give guest lectures on the repositioning of brands at Angewandte. But Florian is the drummer of our not yet founded company band and certainly the consultant with the greatest design competence. He studied graphic design to work for agencies like Jung von Matt/Donau, Wien Nord or Publicis. In 2009 he moved to London as a freelance art director. He will switch to strategy in 2011. Today he is a senior consultant at disruptive, married and regularly delighted by the prosperity of his son. Especially if he lets the young family sleep too.

Sonja Hahn

Disruptive Consultant

Als aufgehender Stern am disruptiven Wuzzler-Himmel scheut Sonja keine Herausforderung. Und das ist auch gut so, denn mit ihrem Ehrgeiz und geballten Tech-Wissen lässt sie unseren Männerhaufen manchmal ganz schön erstaunt aus der Wäsche schauen. Als selbstständige Kommunikationsdesignerin machte sie über 10 Jahre lang Kunden und Agenturen in Österreich und Deutschland glücklich. Und es zeigte sich bald, die wichtigste Konstante in Ihrer Arbeit war die Veränderung – entweder, indem sie einer Idee ein komplett neues Gesicht verlieh, oder indem sie Kunden auf neue Punkte und Perspektiven aufmerksam machte, welche das Projekt komplett umkrempelten. Ihre ausgeprägte Leidenschaft in den Bereichen Technologie und Design konnte sie zuletzt im internationalen Austausch bei TEDx in Wien und im Ausland vertiefen. Hier lernte sie wie wichtig es ist den Kern eines Unternehmens zu hinterfragen – weit über den visuellen Auftritt hinaus. Genau diesen Purpose und die tiefere Motivation einer Organisation herauszuarbeiten, ist ihre große Leidenschaft, die sie bei disruptive voll ausleben kann. Und: mit Sonja rückt der Erfolg in den Charts nun endlich in greifbare Nähe, da wir mit ihr zum Glück keine reine Boyband mehr sind.

Markus Prager

Disruptive Consultant

When it comes to "Gaberln" (juggling a football) nobody can compete with Markus, or (to avoid name confusion) also called "Max". And so Florian had to give up his championship title in summer 2019 with a heavy heart. But not only his sporting ambitions, which have been unbroken since his early footballing years - and which he now lives out in the gym - but also his fine business sense have brought him a long way in his youth. He founded his first company at the age of 17 - first importing and selling consumer electronics and later trading in low-carb and superfood products from the Far East via several online shops. Besides his studies of economics at the FH Krems - business management, e-business, as well as international business and export management - he was engaged in growth hacking and online marketing. He loves the moment when an idea or strategy captivates you and won't let go. At Disruptive he has now found a new challenge as a strategist, where he wants to make other companies even more successful with his experience in the media, high tech & health care industries.

Philipp Troy

Disruptive Consultant

Born on the sunny side of the Arlberg, Philipp brings a dash of cultural diversity to what is actually a rather colourful, disruptive combo. And despite occasional language barriers to his band colleagues, he usually manages to put his lyrics down on paper quite well, as a "studied" media man. His professional stations in various media, PR and advertising agencies and in the marketing department of a renowned meteorology company have shown him that companies need a clear position and attitude in challenging times. And Philipp is curious. Very curious: What is the true purpose of a company? How do you disrupt an entire industry? And what is in the DNA of successful entrepreneurs? These questions brought him to the realization very early on that success is more than just a beautifully polished car and that companies must function like a well-oiled engine even under the hood. Obsessed by the spirit of innovation, his goal is to turn companies around: for example in the media, health care & automotive industries.

Keynote Speeches

Nobody knows what the future holds.

People enjoy our speeches. No matter if it's a congress about digital health or on the stages of the 15seconds festival. More Information here:

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Our central themes are #corporatedisruption and #disruptiveinnovation. Across all industries. "We have never heard this before," is a repeated feedback that basically oscillates between complete euphoria and infinite skepticism. The world of our consulting takes place exactly between these two poles. We mediate between the two. Because, it is not a question of "if" but only of "when" the disruption reaches an industry. You want to hear us too? Then please let us know.

Jobs / Contact

New thinking requires new work.

Many things are not always completely new, and yet completely different. At least with us. No matter if you want to work with or for us - just drop by for a Club Mate or a Makava. WE LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU.

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You want to enter the world of disruption? Your background is the start-up scene? Or management and/or organisational consulting? Or do you simply convince us with a completely different curriculum vitae than all the others? Then send us your meaningful application by e-mail. And answer a simple question: Why did you get the tools of a real disruptive strategist?

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