F/LIST – How to become the game changer of an entire industry.

About F/LIST:

If you want to break new ground, you should know your roots. Those of F/LIST have carried them far and have made the company into what it is today: a globally acting family business. In their role as high-end manufacturer, they create extraordinary living spaces in the air, in water, and on lan. High end. High luxury. Strictly classified. Or in brief: With currently over 800 employees and an annual growth of over 20%, there is simply no getting around F/LIST in the market.

The challenge:

How do you ignite the next entrepreneurial stage for one of Europe's fastest-growing companies? Does it involve completely rethinking a traditional industry? Is this new entrepreneurial vision ready for decision and implementation? In other words: how do you turn an incredibly brilliant company into a real gamechanger?

Step #1:

A truly disruptive audit brought history, present and future of F/LIST and its contexts into a shapable form, motivating and forcing the management team to make decisions and commitments and take steps that had before seemed almost unthinkable.

Step #2:

Understanding the world and one's own industry through different eyes is one thing. From that, defining a path so bold and visionary as to redefine an entire industry is another. That's why we helped F/LIST become aware again of its own forces, dynamics and roles in the market. And to build on that with disruptive strategy tools like Elon Musk's First Principles Thinking or Google's Backward Roadmapping to rethink and reshape its own industry. First in the minds and hearts of the management team. Then, more specifically implementable as a game changing strategy including high hard goals, tangible numbers and numerous measures. To turn a bold vision into entrepreneurial success. Step by step. Decision by decision. Implementation by implementation.

If you really understand the world and your role in it, you can help shape an entire industry as an entrepreneur.

"Magic happens outside the comfort zone. The success of our third-generation family business has never been a given. We have often grown through a "crisis" - a term we at F/LIST equate with "opportunity". In doing so, we rarely swim with the tide, but always seek the F/LIST way. Together with Markus Petzl and his team, we developed a strategy in 2018 that should change the previous game and open our mind wide in the process. We are currently rolling out this gamechanger strategy worldwide. On the one hand, we are incredibly proud of what we have already implemented since then, but on the other hand, we know that this is just the beginning. When exceptional people come together, driven by a vision and our F/LIST spirit, anything is possible. The result can then be called "magic"!"

Katharina List-Nagl

What else we have challenged together with F/LIST:

Re-positioning of F/LIST / various strategic decisions.

Further customers Industry & Mobility:

Clean Logistics / Gaulhofer / Glanzstoff / Hilitech / Vibe / IAV Volkswagen / Austro Holding / Bene / PERI

Tools & Themen:

# Global Disruptive Market Audit
# Leadership Sessions
# 1:1 Executive Coaching
# Leadership Challenging
# Longterm Disruptive Thinking
# Purpose Driven Organisation
# First Principle Thinking
# Strategy Roadmapping
# Inner Circle Building
# Empowering the future together